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Chemical Recycling Solutions, Inc welcomes you to a Powerful, New and Free Chemical Exchange Resource to help you Recycle Chemicals. Whether you need to dispose of outdated, unused and discarded chemicals which take up valuable warehouse space and eat into your profits or you are trying to find just the right chemical for your manufacturing process; this is the place to look for a solution.
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Compliance & Recycling issues by Industry Professionals

“One company’s waste is another company’s opportunity,” is our philosophy. By participating in this Free Chemical Recycling Exchange database, your company can see effective results which will assist and ease the burden of disposal by increasing emphasis on Recycling, Waste Minimization and Inventory Reduction and reducing the chemical impact on our environment.

Uniting Companies in the Potential Exchange of Reusable Chemicals.

Posting is Free and simple! Go to the REGISTER page, LOG IN and enter the required information. Then go to the MANAGE LISTINGS page where you can begin posting or even contact a company via email already posted on the web site about their chemicals! There is even a feature to upload MSDS sheets! Recycling Chemicals has never been so easy!


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